Why PHP?

Why you should become a PHP Developer The fastest growing technology in the world of web development is PHP.It is one of the most strong and straightforward to follow dynamic languages familiar with HTML which will facilitate in achieving good results with less efforts. Most of the online applications build nowadays are supported in PHP platform. IT corporations area unit continually craving for proficient PHP developers and additionally supply handsome remuneration packages. join best 6 months/Weeks industrial training in PHP PHP 6 Month Industrial Training
  • Study the PHP framework thoroughly and grasp the most recent trends in technology.
  • This training program will provide participants with theories, processes,competencies & practice which is required to become a web developer.
  • Here you will learn the industrial ettiquete like time management, and target based working where deadlines have perpetually to be met, even by working for stretched hours.
  • Get facilitate from best developers with years of expertise in PHP whenever you face a problem in development.
  • Build your dynamic websites and powerful applications severally.
  • PHP is fastest growing technology, so you can acquire a good job anywhere.
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  • The HTML Form
  • The Heredoc Syntax
  • Escaping Literal Values
  • Determining the Length of a String
  • Transforming a String
  • Need of framework
  • Forms and URLs
  • GET and URLs
  • Using POST
  • When You Don’t Know How Data Is Sent
  • Managing File Uploads
  • GET or POST
  • OOP Fundamentals
  • Declaring a Class.
  • Instantiating an Object
Android Source Code Project Layout O Core

  • Projects
  • External Projects
  • Packages
  • Providers


  • Basic Syntax
  • Returning Values
  • Variable Scope
  • Passing Arguments
  • Variable-length Argument Lists
  • Arrays
  • Array Basics
  • Printing Arrays
  • Enumerative vs. Associative
  • Multi-dimensional Arrays
  • Unravelling Arrays