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Digital & Online Marketing

Digital media has evolved into a popular and the preferred medium for marketing. With an increasing number of people relying on digital media as a key source of information, online presence no longer refers to just a static page of information but a means that can bring awareness and results the company.

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    As compared to conventional marketing efforts, results of online marketing are quantifiable. When executed the right way, digital marketing can achieve significantly higher returns on investments (ROI). At India Web Wide, we do not settle for mediocrity. We only deliver outstanding digital marketing results for our clients. Some of our digital marketing solutions include:

    Online Marketing

    Also known as online advertising, Online Marketing refers to the active promotion and advertising of businesses over the internet. The strategic placement of advertisements and banner ads can help to differentiate corporate from unofficial websites, thereby increasing visibility and confidence.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    Successful SEO can help companies improve their website ranking on search engines organic result and at the same time increase their online visibility, coverage and credibility. Many a time, we find ourselves looking for quality information on websites with higher rankings as they signify greater relevance. By adopting professional SEO techniques, businesses can increase the volume and quality of their targeted web traffic.

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

    SEM refers to the strategic placement of paid advertisements on search engine result pages. By appearing on relevant search pages, companies can stay visible to their potential customers and can also be easily identified as service providers. As a cost efficient measure and a means to allow businesses to better reach out to its target audiences, the occurrence of the advertisements can be specified for the maximisation of exposure to potential customers.

    SMM (Social Media Marketing)

    An increasingly popular tool, SMM allows you to hear views and keeps you updated on the current market trends. With the opportunity for you to participate actively in discussions and feedback for your company, SMM bridges the communication gap that commonly exists between companies and their customers, bringing you one step closer to service excellence.

    Email Marketing

    A form of direct marketing, email marketing refers to the distribution of relevant information to customers with the use of electronic mail. At a relatively low cost, email marketing can help businesses to push their messages and advertisements to all potential and current customers effectively and efficiently. At the same time, businesses are also able to track positive and negative responses to their messages from mechanisms such as read receipts or unsubscribe requests. Find out more about our Email Marketing Solution.

    SMS Marketing

    As the name suggests, SMS marketing involves the use of the short message service as a marketing tool to reach out to target audiences quickly and effectively. With a highly saturated mobile phone market in India, SMS marketing is a highly effective in communicating promotions and advertisements.

    Viral Marketing

    Employing the theory of the spreading of a virus or the snowball effect, viral marketing is almost effortless and has the potential for rapid growth. A successful viral marketing campaign is cost effective and will create a buzz awareness for your company, even on a low budget.

    When Success Matters!

    With our custom web development services, you can expect a tailor-made web solution that not only meets your unique business needs but also provides a seamless user experience and drives your online success. Let us be your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life on the web.

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