All-In-One Email Marketing Services to create, broadcast and track email campaigns.

Despite the new internet tools that have entered the market, appropriate email marketing is definitely a component that you should not neglect in your online marketing strategy.

Businesses still adopt email marketing services simply because it works. Here at India Web Wide, we offer you an all-in-one India email marketing software to create, blast/broadcast and track email campaigns.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Is the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools as it not only drives direct sales but also supports sales through other channels.

  • Promotes customer retention through the increasing of awareness and the building of relationships that are based on loyalty and trust.
  • Allows for targeting, enabling you to communicate effectively according to your target audience’s needs.
  • Is proven to work, however it has to be carried out effectively.
3-300x223At India Web Wide, we can bring you through a successful email marketing and email viral campaign from conception to completion. As one of our core business and with our vast and diverse experiences, we know the best approach to achieve high participation rate and high delivery rate with professional EDMs that your target audience will be able to relate to. Our avant-garde email marketing software has been utilised by many MNCs and SMEs in their Email marketing campaigns and has reaped tremendous results. Our records have spoken; your email marketing solutions will be in good hands.

Our Email Marketing Services

  • Increased direct sales leads
  • Up sell and cross sell additional products or services
  • Strengthen customer relationships and retentions
  • Prospects converted to customers automatically
  • Immediate results with lower cost marketing campaigns
  • Email Marketing Services Consulting

  • Email Viral Campaign Management
  • Electronic Direct Mailer – EDM Design
  • Email Broadcast / Email Blast
  • Email Subscription Engine (Subscribe & UnSubscribe Form)
  • Email Content Management (EDM Content Layout & Markup Coding)
  • Email Database Management (Clean and DeDuplication Email Database)
  • All-In-One Email Marketing Software

Key features of our Email Marketing Software

  • High-end email servers with matured and reliable email marketing software
  • High deliver capability, able to broadcast high volume of emails up to millions
  • Double Opt-in/Opt-out subscriptions (Permission-based)
  • Hard & Soft bounce handling
  • Unique & Non-unique email open/read tracking
  • Unique & Non-unique click-through link tracking

  • Refer / Forward to friends with tracking
  • Update / Modify subscriber’s particulars feature
  • Send filtering / Segmentation sending
  • User data personalisation
  • Dynamic content Base on User Interest
  • Detailed graphical statistics reporting with feature for exporting to CSV.